Artist Statement

My background

I grew up in Denver and moved to Saint Paul to go to Macalester, but the mountains are in my blood.  I have dabbled in art since I was a small child, and took art classes in high school and college.  I was a social worker for 40 years and had several forays into the art world while working.  In 1991, I financed a trip to France and Spain by selling jewelry I made.  I continued working in many mediums, and in 2007 I painted a wine barrel for WineFest No. 12 which was auctioned off to benefit the U of MN Children’s Hospital.  After retirement in 2015, I began making art on a more regular basis, and in the spring of 2016 I discovered Alcohol Ink.     I sold Alcohol Ink work at the Roots, Rock & Deep Blues Festival in July, 2016, and had a month long residency as Artist of the Month at Palmers Bar on the West Bank.  I participated in several craft shows as well.  I was also commissioned to do a large painting for a therapist’s office.   In retirement, I continue to use my social work skills as a volunteer for Family Enhancement Center, and as a tutor for American Refugee Committe.  I enjoy listening to live music and traveling.

Why I love Alcohol Ink

I make art because I breathe.  When I paint, I have a sense of excitement about what the Alcohol Inks will reveal to me that day.  My process is to start each piece without expectations, and watch the ink flow on the surface before manipulating it into a final work.  Alcohol Ink is hard to control and no two works are alike, but I find myself coming back to circle themes.  The colors of the Alcohol Ink are rich and vibrant, and I love the way they contrast with the shine on the aluminum discs.     When I first using Alcohol Ink, I showed my work to a few people, and gave some pieces as gifts, but in a short period of time, I started getting inquiries from people who wanted to buy my work.  Selling my work is wonderful, but I make the art to remind me that life is full of joy.